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Hey there! It's Sharee, owner and operator of Twisted Peach KC.  

Twisted Peach KC started in 2018 with a whacky idea to start a mobile wine slushy trailer. After encountering obstacle with bringing that fruition, I decided to pivot and start with creating my own wine slushy mix. I sat down at my kitchen table with a pen and pad and went to work putting my ideas on paper and eventually attempting execution. 

After many long days and night of trial and error, I was exhausted and frankly was unsure if this was going to happen. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.  I took a pause and gave myself a pep talk. I climbed back in the ring and emerged from the corner swinging.   

Finally, it was RIGHT! Not only was it right, it was lip smacking DELICIOUS!  Today, Twisted Peach KC has sold and shipped thousands of wine slushy mixes, in a variety of favors, all over the United States. 

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